Jack and Flossie Fry

Stephanie Meeks, Owner

Best of Louisville Awards

1998 Favorite Restaurant

1999 Favorite Restaurant

1999 Restaurant Atmosphere

2003 Best Dinner Salad

2003 Favorite Restaurant

2004 Favorite Restaurant

2005 Dining Atmosphere

2005 Favorite Restaurant

2006 Favorite Restaurant

2007 Place To Go On a First Date

2008 Restaurant Atmosphere

2008 Restaurant for a Splurge

2008 Un-Beef Burger

2009 Restaurant to Take a Client

2009 Romantic Restaurant

2010 Restaurant Service

2010 Romantic Dinner

2011 Fine Dining

2012 Favorite Restaurant

2012 Restaurant Atmosphere

2013 Fine Dining

2013 Restaurant Ambiance

2013 Restaurant Service

2015 Fine Dining

2016 Place for a Power Lunch

2016 Place for a Special Occasion

2017 Best Highlands Restaurant

2019 Critics' Choice Award

2021 Best Fine Dining

2021 Best Place For A Romantic Dinner

2021 Best Date Restaurant


JACK FRY'S was established in 1933 by Jack Fry and his wife, Flossie. Fry was known as a rambling, gambling kind of guy who loved amateur boxing and the race horses. As a result, Jack Fry's became a sportsman’s hangout, as evidenced by the numerous historic photographs that fill the walls of the current Jack Fry's. He was also known to conduct his bookmaking and bootlegging affairs discreetly from "the back room". He was a much-loved character who often gave a free meal to a needy friend. Jack closed his business in 1972. After ten years of renting this space as "Por Que No", a Mexican restaurant, it was re-established as Jack Fry's in 1982. 


Susan Seiller bought the restaurant in January 1987, the same year that saw the death of Jack Fry.  It was Susan's vision to transform Jack Fry's from a casual dive into a fine dining staple, which she did so with aplomb during her tenure.  In February of 2008, Susan passed ownership and sold the restaurant to Stephanie J. Meeks, who was first employed in 1996 and had quickly worked her way up to become the general manager.


In 2018, Stephanie celebrated 10 years of ownership.  This milestone coincided with the completion of a highly-anticipated renovation that took place over the course of a year.  The new space includes updated guest restrooms, temperature-controlled wine and liquor storage, an executive office, and additional dining space.  The paramount element of this expansion was preserving the character that Jack Fry's has become known for, which was achieved with respect for the existing architecture and decor. 




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