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Although not required, reservations are highly recommended in advance.  Tables may also be booked via telephone at (502) 452-9244.  If you require special seating accommodations, please contact the restaurant to ensure availability.

Seating requests cannot be guaranteed via Open Table.

If you are unable to secure a reservation, we encourage you to try our bar, which offers full-service dining and is seated on a first-come-first-served basis.

We are closed on all major holidays.


We do not have a private dining area or the ability to host groups larger than 14 people, nor are we able to reserve the entire restaurant for rehearsal dinners or large celebrations. 

For dinner reservations during the week of the Kentucky Derby, we follow a special booking process to ensure it is equally accessible for locals and visitors alike. This special booking process applies to the Wednesday before Derby until the Sunday after. We open the Derby books every year on the first Monday of March at 10am EST. We book exclusively via our reservation phone line at (502) 452-9244 and cannot accept reservations made via email or in-person.


Most of our guests wear business-casual attire.  However, there is no required dress code.  Whether celebrating a special occasion, having a formal dinner, or simply stopping in for a casual meal, we welcome guests of all means and appearances.



We have a small parking lot to the right of our building reserved only for Jack Fry’s guests. We advise against the use of any other parking lot nearby as these are usually monitored, and your vehicle may be towed. Metered parking is available on Highland Avenue and is free after 6pm. Free street parking is available on Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue any time.



We ask that any accessibility or mobility needs are communicated to our team in advance when possible.

 We have a reserved parking space just a few feet from our entrance with a small access aisle to the left. There are no steps or stairs at the entrance or anywhere in the building. Our entrance door is not automated or mechanized, but a team member is happy to assist if you give us a call at 502-452-9244 to let us know you are outside. Once inside, there is a wide entrance ramp leading to the host stand and both dining rooms. All hallways in the restaurant are wide enough to fit any size mobility device, but there are only a few tables where we can ensure those devices can easily be accommodated. There may not be room at the table for a walker or other mobility aid to be stored, so our team will either store it safely in our locked office or set it out of the way but as near to your table as possible. We ask that any mobility needs are communicated to our team in advance so that we can guarantee your table will be accommodating. 

Due to how often we make changes to our menu, we do not have a braille menu to offer, however our wait staff is prepared to guide guests through the menu.  Our dining room is kept quite dim, so we have several pairs of reading glasses, a flashlight, or a magnifying glass available for your use. If requested in advance, we may be able to print a menu copy with larger text, but we cannot guarantee this will be available.


Our dining room can sometimes get very loud, and there is not a way we can guarantee a quiet space. We ask that guests who are hard of hearing make our team aware while booking the reservation, so we can do whatever possible to get the quietest space in the dining room. When accommodating guests who are hard of hearing or cannot communicate verbally, we are happy to communicate via writing.


Any guests who may need assistance entering or exiting the restroom should alert a team member so we can ensure we are available to help. We have a wheelchair accessible stall in both restrooms, and an accessible urinal in the men's restroom. Our restrooms are gendered, but we encourage trans or gender nonconforming guests to use whichever restroom is more comfortable for them.



We are located in the Original Highlands neighborhood at the intersection of Bardstown Road, Baxter Avenue, and Highland Avenue. We are near many of the most popular attractions in Louisville and just a short drive from all major hotels and lodging.




Kentucky Exposition Center – 3 miles

Kentucky International Convention Center – 2.1 miles

Churchill Downs – 3.7 miles

Copper & Kings Distillery – 1.2 miles

Rabbit Hole Distillery – 1.2 miles

Angel’s Envy Distillery – 1.5 miles

Old Forester Distilling Co. – 1.9 miles

Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery – 2.5 miles

Heaven Hill Distillery – 3.2 miles

Louisville Palace Theatre – 1.9 miles

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts – 2.2 miles

Yum! Center – 2.3 miles

Fourth Street Live – 2.4 miles

Cherokee Park – 1.9 miles

Cave Hill Cemetery – 1.3 miles

The Brown Hotel – 1.9 miles

The Seelbach – 2 miles

The Omni Hotel – 1.9 miles

Galt House Hotel – 2.1 miles

Louisville International Airport – 4.5 miles

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